Tuesday, March 16

Third Trimentster begins

We are now beginning the third trimester. Thank goodness too! The last week has been an eventful one! Let's start with Wednesday. For the entire day Wednesday I felt like Baby was pushing out with all the force that Baby could muster. At the end of the school day I thought, "I really hope that this doesn't last for 3+ months!"
It didn't. The next day our school went on a field trip. All day we walked around a farm and a 1875 era rural town. It was a lot of fun. Even Baby seemed thrilled since Baby was extremely active all day. Even that night when I was trying to sleep Baby had not let up much, but the craziness was lessening. Then, what felt like a knee or an elbow, but possibility anything, came up from the bottom left side up my abdomen to the top left side, then back down till it reached the middle of the right side of my abdomen. Since then, instead of kicking (I'm assuming) down near my left leg, Baby has been kicking closer to my right rib.
Friday after school we had a school event followed immediately by Justin's niece's birthday party. When I walked in she whispered to her other aunt, "Rachel has a baby in he tummy!" much to our amusement.
On Saturday, I can't remember what baby did but we went to a shower for one of my friends. On Sunday, Justin and I went on a walk for a little over half an hour. It began to become uncomfortable towards the end as it felt like baby sank down into my pelvis. For the most part it just made walking less enjoyable and more difficult. Pretty sure that I began to waddle a bit. 
On Monday I went on a walk. for about half an hour. That night baby had the first case of hiccups that I could feel, at least that is what I figured it was. this was down on the left side. It was a sutble rythmic feeling.

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