Thursday, March 24

Wednesday, March 23

Books, Tools and Toys for Learning

Tools, Books, and Toys for Learning

·         Eric Carl (Have The Very Hungry Catapillar)
·         Bill Martin books
·         Virginia Lee Burton (have Mike Muligan and The Little House)
·         Margret Wise Brown books (have Goodnight Moon)
·         Dr. Suess books (have Ten Apples up on Top)
·         PD Eastman books (have Snow)
·         Richard Scarry books
·         Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
·         The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
·         Other classics (have The Mitten, A Pocket for Corduroy, Where the Wild Things Are)

Learning  Tools:
·         Pop beads
·         Pipe cleaners
·         Tubs and shredded paper and or rice for sensory tubs
·         Counting bears (or like)(sea animals, frogs, insects)
·         Colored clothes pins
·         Beads (with holes)
·         Beads and confetti
·         Pipe cleaners
·         Pompoms
·         Chalk
·         Paint
·         Construction paper
·         Safety scissors
·         Containers to keep things in

 Learning Toys:
·         Puppets
·         Push toys
·         Pull toys
·         shape sorters
·         wooden blocks
·         pail and shovel
·         pop-up toys
·         Doug and Melissa Toys
·         Magnets

Saturday, March 19

Gifts for Little J

Gift Ideas of Little J

Wooden hammer bench   or this one or similar

   - Dr. Sueus
   - flap books with sturdy flaps
   - Usborne
   -  Others- See book list

Latches board

Chunky magnets like these or these or these or others

Chunky/ jumbo knob puzzles like these or these so such 

Vehicles we have Tractors

Bath boat and other bath toys- we don't have any!

Push/ Pull toys like these or these or such

wooden tools (we have plastic ones)

Band in a Box

hand Puppets

outdoor toys like bucket, shovel, rake, balls

Good places to get things on-line

- Melissa and Doug
- Fat Brain Toys
- Back to Basics Toys
- Gummylump

Speedy Gonzolas

I didn't know little ones could progress from slightly mobile and beginning to creep (or swim in Little J's case) to being speedy Gonzolas. I have to post pictures and videos, but in the last two weeks my Little J has decided to take off. Considering that he was sick enough for a week that all he did was cling to me, that is quite a lot of progress!

He has decided that he if he puts his mind to it, he can do anything.
- Dashing all around the house
- Splashing in the dog's bowl ( and playing in his food if Mama isn't careful)
- Checking out the dog and kennel
- Unwind the toilet paper from the roll.
- Scoot along the couch
- Open the TV cabinet
- Do laundry
- Open drawers and cabinets
- empty the tupperware
- Stand and "jump" in his crib
- and other things too.

Since the weather has been nice (40s to 60s) we have been getting out and walking a lot too.

Six Months Old!