Tuesday, June 1

June Baby Picture, drawing

We made it into June. I posted the May belly picture below for comparison. In case you didn't notice. This shirt is now failing to fit properly. No longer can it meet my pants. We continue to thank the Lord that things are still going wonderfully. I can feel that Baby is bigger and less comfortable. There is a lot more generalized pressure on me now. Sleeping is getting harder and harder to do, but since school is out, I can take naps. I am not feeling sleep deprived, but do drop very tired into bed at 9:00 p.m. sharp.

We are also taking votes about Baby. The entry categories are below. If you leave a comment we will enter you into the running. I don't plan on reading entries before allowing them to post.

1: Gender
2: Date
3: Weight
4: Length
5: Time (+/- 3 hours)


  1. 1. IDK
    2. 6/9/2010
    3. 7 lbs 8 oz
    4. 21 in
    5. 1200

  2. 1. girl
    2. 6/11/10
    3. 7lbs 6oz
    4. 20in
    5. 10PM
    Aunt Ginny

  3. Boy

    (= hope your birth experience is amazing!