Wednesday, September 15

BLT Pasta


This is not my picture. My dish was different. It did not have croutons or lettuce, spinach, endive, or other such things.

Here is what I put in mine:

Brown rice pasta (gluten free)
cherry tomatoes
zucchini 1/2 a medium
bread crumbs
peppers (banana and jalapeno)
Parmesan cheese

First slice the tomatoes in half, roughly chop the peppers, and cut the zucchini into  slices and them each slice into quarters or sixths. place them on a nonstick pan and broil them. Watch them so they don't burn.

Next start the pasta. If you are using spagetti squash you can omit this.

Fry the bacon and set aside. Chop once cool.

Get the veggies out of  the oven. (I think that red onion might be good in this too.)

Fry the bread crumbs in the bacon grease.

Drain the pasta.

Add all ingredients together and toss. Don't forget the Parmesan. If  you didn't use spicy peppers add black pepper or red pepper flakes.


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