Thursday, November 4

The Reformation's impact on America

When I was in seventh or Eighth grade Mr. Eames said that without the reformation there would be no United States of America. I really didn't think about it then. I listened, took notes, and studied. Since what he declared seemed logical and since the evidence of his argument surrounded me, I tucked the information away and went on with school and middle school drama (of which there was plenty).

On Sunday evening our pastor preached a Reformation day sermon: Solus Christus. Though the sermon did not follow the outline, it was excellent.

It also made me feel very thankful for the Christ-centered and classical education I had growing up, particularly in middle and high school. Thank you Mom and Dad for your devotion of Christ- centered education, for your hard work to pay for tuition for all four of us, and for your encouragement and support during our years of study. Thank you to all my teachers who worked diligently and seemingly endlessly. Thank you even more for the determination to teach in a godly and Christ-centered way. As a teacher I know that it is difficult to intentionally to do continually.
Thank you to both my teachers and my parents who saw the necessity to teach me, my brothers, and my peers to think critically and to evaluate all of life through God's truth. As I look and listen to those around me, I appreciate that this ability is largely a lost skill even though it is foundational for living in a way that impacts the world (or at least those around me) for the Kingdom.

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