Friday, December 24

Days of the Week

Recently I have been thinking about what I can do to aid Little J's cognative development in the upcoming years. I know little about early childhood development or education and though many of the things that I have been thinking about are not things that I can do yet with Little J since he is only six months old, I hate being ilprepared. In the past I have read some of the information on 1+1+1 = 1 and talked with a freind of mine who is an early childhood specialist and Kindergaten teacher turned SaH mom. 

While preparing to retire for the night, this song was working its way around my head.

The Days of the Week- to the tune of This is the Day

These are the days, these are the days
of the week God made, of the week God made
Sunday we worship, Monday we work
Tuesday and Wednesday too
Thursday and Friday
Saturday is the very last day
Then start again with Sunday and rest.
These are the days, these are the days
Of the week God made.

If you have any ideas or changes that would make it better drop me a comment or a line. I'm constantly making up little ditties to help me remember things. They got me through high school and college exams. Now I make them up for my students- especially Latin declensions. It makes memorizing more fun.

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