Saturday, March 19

Speedy Gonzolas

I didn't know little ones could progress from slightly mobile and beginning to creep (or swim in Little J's case) to being speedy Gonzolas. I have to post pictures and videos, but in the last two weeks my Little J has decided to take off. Considering that he was sick enough for a week that all he did was cling to me, that is quite a lot of progress!

He has decided that he if he puts his mind to it, he can do anything.
- Dashing all around the house
- Splashing in the dog's bowl ( and playing in his food if Mama isn't careful)
- Checking out the dog and kennel
- Unwind the toilet paper from the roll.
- Scoot along the couch
- Open the TV cabinet
- Do laundry
- Open drawers and cabinets
- empty the tupperware
- Stand and "jump" in his crib
- and other things too.

Since the weather has been nice (40s to 60s) we have been getting out and walking a lot too.

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