Saturday, February 6

Belly Picture 5

Here is my February belly picture. I'm sure that baby and belly have already noticeably grown since we took this picture. I'm feeling much more balanced now that I've been taking my fermented cod liver oil/ butter oil. Today Justin and I were able to take a walk too. (Thank you God for the melting and sunshine!) We had our appointment this week. Justin came with me. We also talked to our Dr about perspectives on care and expectations. We aren't certain what we decision we are going to make with the new information. Please pray that God will give us clarity in which decision to make and peace with whatever that may be. Physically, I'm feeling great, better than I have for months. Justin is very diligent about asking me if I am doing my stretches and exercises. I've not been doing white as good with nutrition. The sugar cravings are a killer. However, they are not as strong as the dairy cravings. I do have this week's menu planned and PLENTY of fruit in the house. Hopefully that will help.

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