Sunday, January 31

Baby Update

I was reminded today to update. Things have been going pretty well. We are "technically" at least 1/2 way now.  Last week I struggled a lot with depresion but I think that that was a combination of mental stuff, winter weather, and lack of Vitamin D (I forgot to take my fermented cod liver oil all week). So that has resolved it self. This week Baby has been a bit distracting as the movements (kicking?) has become much stronger. I find it rather distracting at times, especially while I am trying to be quiet and pay attention. Justin was able to feel baby move a last week which was fun. He had to wait for a while because just when he decided he wanted to feel baby decided that four or five violent kicks was enough for a while.  I have been hungrier than a starving lion the last few weeks and been craving milk, cheese (especially cottage cheese) and sweets (those ones are STRONG!). I also am starting to feel like I (especially my skin) am stretching in my belly. Not really pleasant.  Hopefully I'll be going shopping soon because nothing seems to fit right now. My maternity clothes are still too big and I'm outgrowing my "lose"fitting clothes. (Some I refuse to wear because they make me look fat rather than pregnant, but those are few. Please pray that my appointment will go well on Tuesday afternoon since it will start off with what has the potential to be a frustrating and emotional conversation. (Thank the Lord for giving me calm-ness and peace this week. His love does endure forever. - God bless

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