Saturday, May 14

Teeny Tiny Tot School 10.5

 If you aren't familiar with tot school click on the button above. Basically it is about providing and enouraging fun but focused learning activities. I haven't taken picture of many of our activities due to being part of them, not having a camera on hand or just forgetting.
Getting a book to read. Typically Little J prefers to read on his own.

Enjoying the park and the swings for the first time.

Discovered climbing on boxes is fun. (Gross motor)

Spied Dad's yogurt bowl and spoon. Experimented with music. Eventually the trash can joined in. (Music)
Pushing the stroller across the park, engaging muscles and gross motor skills.
 We do read books every day. nearly without fail before naps we get a few in. Often another during play time. Little J also gets lots of time in playing with containers in the kitchen and trying to open and close drawers without pinching his fingers.

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