Wednesday, January 20

Baby De Jong

This is my new favorite "monster". Baby was rather uncooperative at our ultrasound appointment so the tech struggled to get decent pictures. Baby apparently takes after Mommy in that Baby likes to sleep curled into a tiny ball (or in a diver's tuck position). Of course as soon as we tried to figure out baby's gender baby's hands, legs, feet,  and cord were in the way. I think that Baby will be stubborn like Daddy. I'm still not concerned about the necessity of seeing Baby but it was fun. It also explained why I've had a lot of lower front abdominal pressure because Baby likes to be stashed into by pelvis and is best friends with my bladder. ( I do tell Baby it isn't nice to push on Mommy's bladder so much but Baby doesn't listen). Surprise.
Well, I need to get back to work. The Lord bless you all! 

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  1. I think stubborness runs in the Hamstra side as well. In fact probably it runs in the human race.(period)