Thursday, January 7


Growing up the only oatmeal that I would eat were the fruit flavored ones by Quaker. You know, the ones that are individually packaged and come in a box and sometimes eveon contain sugar cystals in the shapes of fruits or animals.

Once I got married my husband wanted oatmeal for breakfast every day during the winter our first year. Of course having to buy it I oped for the cheapest container possible. I made it. He ate it. I hated it! No amount of fruit, cream, honey, or brown sugar could make the microwaved instant glue paste appetizing.

I wanted to make myself like it because it is supposed to be sooo good for you. I was going to try steal cut oats but never got around to it.

Finally this winter I needed something more than toast to get me through the morning. (Likely because it has been -5 or colder every moring for that last few weeks and because the baby growing inside me seems to be hungry quite often.

I found something that works! Sally Fallon's recipe from Nourishing Traditions. Yes! A major plus is I don;t feel bad leaving the extra in the pan on the top of my stovetop until the next day.  In the morning i simply add milk or water and heat it up again. In the mean time I put some butter, fruit, and honey in my bowl. When the oatmeal is hot (yes please do stir it) I dump some in my bowl, mix it up and i have warm yummy goodness for breakfast! The texture is different. It is a bit lumpier, but it tastes better.
Another wonderful thing I found out is that you can mix it with egg (i suggest a bit of cinnamon too) and fry it in your frying pan with butter, whoala! A touch of maple syrup and you have oatmeal french toast (aka Fried Mush- believe me Sally Fallon my name is much more appealing).

Happy oatmeal mornings!

1 c oats
1 c warm water + 2 T whey or like
1/2 t sea salt
1 c water
(Opt. 1T flax seeds)

1) Mix warm water and whey with oats, cover, and leave in a warm place for 7 hours or overnight.
2) Bring the other cup of water to boil with salt.
3) Add soaked oats, cover, reduce heat and simmer for several minutes.
4) Remove from heat. If desired stir in freshly ground flax seeds. Let stand for a few minutes.
5) Serve warm with plenty of butter/ cream, natural sweetener, and if desired fruit or fruit preserves, chopped nuts, or coconut meat.

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