Thursday, January 7

Belly Picture 4

Here is the latest belly picture. We do pictures the first of every month since that is easy to remember and since we got a positive pregnancy test on the first of the month.

Things have been going pretty well. Physically I've been feeling pretty much great. My family went on a short hike while we were in Arizona. I still do all (most) of P.E. activities with the 3rd/4th graders.Emotionally things have been going better but I still find my new heightened emotional state very frustrating (being as it is pretty much uncontrollable).  Similarly I've found that I am terrified of icy/ snow covered roads. I mean terrified not scared. I work very hard to stay calm while riding in the car and I never fully succeed when the roads are bad. ( I have started carpooling because I would not leave town if I were driving most days.)

I'm really struggling with what I feel is an inadequate prenatal care system. I don't think that the care that my Dr. gives me is inadequate to the care of the other Dr.s in our town. I feel that the type of care and the system leaves much wanting and is outrageously over priced for the little it does do. (And I am insured!!) This is an issue that has been particularly upsetting to me because many people around me are content with the inadequate care and think that I am unreasonable or are unwilling to hear me out.
I'm going to stop there with that issue because there is no use getting upset about it until I can do something about it.

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