Friday, December 11

Curtains- Finally a dark bedroom!

         My husband and I live in town. We are blessed to live in a location that is wonderful for walking or biking errands. (I never drive during good weather unless I’m coming home from out of town).  However, this blessed location also comes with lots of street lights. We have three streetlights around

the house spaced just so all of our windows faces one. When there is snow on the ground, or when our neighbors has Christmas lights up (we weren’t able to get ours up before the snow fell this year), it is as bright if not brighter than mid day when we are trying to go to sleep. It was becoming a problem. So, during the first two snow days this year, I finally made by curtains. I’ve had the fabric for a while (it was close pinned to the curtain rod till recently). But I finally made them.

They are a gorgeous darkish red, shiny material with a non-shiny woven design.  The back is black duck canvas (it is heavy duty stuff).
          They are just bigger than the window because I’ll tie them back during the day and that is all the fabric I was willing to get at that price; plus, they don’t scrunch anyway due to the thickness of the curtain.  
       I'm planning on putting a gold-ish colored sheer curtain behind them.

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