Thursday, December 17


I don't know if you have ever heard of Etsy before, but I love the idea. Maybe it is because of all the creativity. Maybe because it is homemade. Maybe because it inspires me that I can do stuff like this too. maybe it is just releaving that you can still get real productes from real people and there are alternatives to big box stores.

Anyway, everyone in a while I think about how I want to decorate the back room to make it into the baby's room, eventually. I really like the idea of nautal colors with bold accents and a pond theme.

Anyway, I saw these on Etsy and  thought that they were adorable. No I was not asked or paid to do this.

I think that a frog or a dragonfly would be perfect. I think that this would be a fun project that I could do with minimal purchases because I could use fabric scraps for parts.
This one would be fun with fabric scraps using a name or "Baby" or the like.

The right one with a variety of bold, basic-like colors, but not so dense, with larger dots.
So you know, the images are items for sale a Harper and Henny.

Maybe next I'll highlight some of the super cute baby toys, or the diapers, or covers, or clothes or ... just check out the sight next time you want something fun or nice for the not so needy or simple loving ones in you life.

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