Thursday, December 10

Baby Begginings/ Belly

So here are a few pictures for those of you who were wondering.

There is an upside to being home with a cold.

This one is at 8 weeks. Already this is not normal Rachel body, but only Justin and I knew that.
At 8 weeks I was feeling alright. Not great not awful.

12 Weeks- For me that is definitely a baby bump. When fully dressed most people would say that i just have put on some weight. (Especially because some of it is in the butt and some in the boobs.) By this time I was (am) feeling a lot better. Though I'm starting to wonder if I'm growing to fast. (Four pounds at my appointment) Maybe I'm just hyper sensitive to the physical differences because my body has not changed this much in the last 4-8 years. 

By the way, I'm not sure how to turn the pictures. Sorry.

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