Thursday, December 10

Yogurt Update

I've made yogurt three times now. I've tried too methods. I like the crock pot method that I tried first. I let it culture for longer than 12 hours. It turned out fine, however, it is sour. I eat it with honey and berries (and now granola) it is really tasty.  The runnier style does take some getting used to.

The part of the new recipe that I like is that I don't need a crock pot. This is nice since I can use my crock pot for things like making stock or chili or the like. However, you need to be around more. (No running errands in the mean time.) Also, you need to pay more attention to what is going on. (I needed to warm the milk up a bit after cooling because I left it cooling for too long, but no sweat.

I must admit that I have not tried the newest batch. I only let it culture for 7 hours.

These are the websites that I used.

- Crock pot

- In the Jar

Sorry, I don't know how to rotate yet. 

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