Friday, December 11

Mozzerella Cheese

  So after reading about all the benefits of whey (mostly as a acidic soaking agent) My cohort in all things that resemble anything that may connect in some way with Sally Fallon, Megan and I got together to make cheese since it’s byproduct is whey and since we love pizza. She had made it once before with her husband.  It took a lot longer the first time that she did it but, I can see why cheese is made in large quantities with professional equipment because, for the amount of the product that you get, it is a long process if you have to refer to the directions and have only everyday stuff. – It is not difficult, per say, but it does take work. I can see why you would want a plenty of helpers if you were going to make your own and why cheese would not be eaten that often unless you did.
I’m not sure which directions we used, but there are plenty on the internet.

Picture 1-  Megan  getting the curds our of the whey- I forgot to take pictures before this.

The picture to the Right is the curds in the bowl waiting to be squeezed.
The picture below is Megan squeezing whey out of the curds and shaping them into a block of cheese.

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