Friday, December 11

Home made bread

I love homemade bread. My husband has come to really like it too. At first I just made homemade whole wheat bread- because I wanted something that was whole wheat and didn’t have a lot of additives in it (boo high fructose corn syrup/ yeah honey!) Buying bread like this, if you can find it, gets pricy).
I was starting to really enjoy making my own breads (loaves, buns, muffins, biscuits, and the like) and even got a Bosch!!!  (One cannot love a Bosch too much.) I had not gotten the hang of it quite because I still could not consistently get a nice rounded top and a nicely risen loaf (as opposed to dense) but it was getting better.

Since then things are even more inconsistent because I started soaking my flour before baking (read more about that here) to make a healthier and more digestible loaf. I need to spend some time actually doing this so that I can figure out what the rise time is. (This last time I used multigrain flour and that reacted totally different (it turned out very wet) I probably should have added enough white flour to actually form a dough that I could roll. (We’ll have to see hour the crumb is because it rose nicely but the top fell.

(In the top picture my flour/ dough is soaking. The picture below is of my loaves when they were finished baking. I needed to let them rise a bit longer. )

The loaves in the picture were dense. (I forgot to time the rise and it was getting late at night). There is a reason that you don’t start baking after 7pm when you are teaching full time.

This is the recipe that I am enjoying for my loaves. (Passionate Homemaking ) I need to try it as buns too. Now that it is winter I can’t use my normal bun recipe because it takes four eggs and I am not wasting eggs on buns during the winter (when free range brown eggs with naturally bright yolks are hard to get and extra pricey).  

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